A simple tutorial on how to use the words.php app with Erank to remove duplicate words and give you tags to use within Etsy

Step 1.

go to Erank.com and enter a keyword or phrase into the “Get keyword ideas” box in this instance i used necklace

Step 2.

when the keywords are listed scroll down to the Related Searches section

Step 3.

Highlight and copy all the keywors generated

Step 5.

click on the “More words” text box and paste the information you just copied then click Submit


Step 6.

A list of words with all duplicates, special characters and numbers removed will be produced – these are also made into “tags” 20 characters of less


Step 7.

Copy the list to a text editor and then filter the words out you dont want or dont need.

Lists of words can be then pasted once again as in step 5 and made into tags