8″ x 12″, ink on photographic paper

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I bought some acrylic inks a few years ago and they have mainly sat in my draw collecting dust, They can be painted with in the traditional way but i found they stained my brushes and tended to float on the water when i cleaned my brushes. So initially i was put off, but recently i started experimenting with them again.  Starting with just 6 colours my collection has grown to around 20 different inks.  Blues and reds are my favourites as they are bold colours, but purples and yellows are really nice too.  They can be expensive around £5 each although they are probably cheaper on Ebay. I mix them with other mediums and textures but Acrylic Ink are a strange beast, it can be used in many different ways and on lots of different mediums.  i have been experimenting with inks on Photographic paper recently, the effects are nice and the drying time is faster than traditional watercolour paper.  I find they granulate a lot when they dry – especially the blues.