Affordable priced original paintings and limited edition prints of my original work


I’ve been very interested in art my whole life, inspired by my brother at an early age and later on in life by my grandmother who even though had hands crippled by arthritis still continued to paint.  I started to paint digitally using Photoshop while i worked for Photoshop  Creative and Advanced Photoshop magazines.  While experimenting with digital and real media paintings i fell in love with the tactile nature of real media.

I started painting with acrylic paints and later moved on to watercolours and inks.  I love how the colours merge, blend and create an unexpected outcome.  Something as simple as a drop of ink can create a whole world of unexpected wonder. I also enjoy experimenting with different paper types:- Watercolour paper, acrylic paper and photography paper all create different outcomes.

I recently discovered fluid acrylics which are fantastic for painting abstracts, In my portfolio i have paintings created a number of paintings using fluid acrylics on paper, canvas board and watercolour paper.  These can be bought directly from me as originals or prints in various sizes.

This site is in a state of flux as i transform it from a portfolio site into a shop where my original paintings and prints of my work can be bought.


Fantastic I will be telling everyone About you. And will be buying more

Purple Blue abstract

M. White

Excellent service. Many thanks!!

Dark brown abstract

P. Nicola

amazing, absolutely beautiful, can’t stop looking at them. Thank you so much

Purple & orange abstract
Yellow, Brown & Red abstract
Purple, white & red abstract

I. Croston