I know that in this day and age people don’t really like waiting for things to be sent by mail.  It can take a while and sometimes you need it faster.  If you have looked through my website or followed me on twitter / facebook you will know that i have hundreds of paintings.  Lots have been sold, and many are still available to buy through Ebay or Etsy.  But what if you could buy a large  digital copy of one of my paintings for as little as £1 (About $1.50).  For a limited time (while i get this set up properly) you can buy a digital copy of one of my paintings from this site by simply using the Paypal button below and sending me a copy of the link from the address bar in the the note in Paypal e.g.

For this i will send you back a large 5mbs, 800 ppi scan of the painting. You can then get it printed yourself or use it as wall paper for your computer.


Buy purchasing a painting I continue to own the rights to the painting and it can not be sold on as a print or digital download