So far this month things have been a little odd for me – i started the month with a very swollen 2nd toe on my left foot – i didnt really know what it was but suspected it was to do with the diabetic ulcer on the bottom of the same foot.  I went to the Doctors and was prescribed antibiotics. From then i started to shiver and shake and feel very washed out, i also noticed my toe go from a large toe to a large toe with no skin.  On friday the 4th of December i went to A & E to see what i should do and ended up being admitted.  the toe had gone septic and an infection had gotten into the bone.  As the day(s) progressed i had IV antibiotics by the bucket and spoke to different doctors the general feeling was the IV was just keeping the infection at bay and the toe simply had to be removed.

On Tuesday the 8th of December i went to the theatre and they removed the toe and the ulcer under my foot.  They also took away most of the metatarsal as the infection had spread to that too.  I’m glad i went when i did or i suspect the infection would have spread further and i may have lost more than just a toe.   From then i was put on more IV antibiotics and had to wait around to go home, they also attached a suction pump to the hole to help speed healing time.

On the 14th of December i came home but I’ve been feeling very weak and tired and only now have i felt strong enough to do any work / updates.
i’ve also been left with a lot of pain and problems with my feet and i don’t feel i can carry on walking – i’ve asked the NHS for a wheelchair but they seem to think it will be unlikely – my sister set up a go fund me page to help buy me a chair and so far £300 has been raised – i want to thank everyone who has helped out 😀 if you have a spare £ please consider helping me – Thank you

Bellow is the first painting I’ve completed since the beginning of December – started before hospital and completed today. Bear with me while i get used to everything but hope to be up to speed again soon 😀

018 (Large)