Fluid acrylics and clean vs dirty pours are very interesting to me – i love the colours, i love the idea and i love the technique. I really want to do more of these but i have loads now hanging around waiting to be sold and no where to store more 🙁

1.Fluid Acrylic pouring painting Turquoise Gold

2. Fluid Acrylic Painting – Flurescent Fun

3.Fluid Acrylic painting echniques

4. Fluid Acrylics – Swipe with colorful fluorescent cells

5. Fluid acrylics, pouring medium and silicone to get cells

6.Easy DIY cherry blossoms fluid acrylic poured painting tecnique

7. Fluorescent 3d pour with fluid acrylics

8.Up and above – Fluid acrylic painting – abstract art by Eric Seibenthal

9. Fluid Acrylic pour with and without pouring medium

10. Acrylic dirty pour fluid painting with tons of cells!


I tried to film myself doing a clean pour a few weeks back – it didnt work well and i realise i need to grow a 3rd arm 😉 (ignore the date, i forgot to set it / stop time stamp)