IMG_0172 (Large)Here at flying beard we prefer to talk about ourselves in the third person, sadly our third person is currently off work on bed rest with the a nasty case of the flu – we wish him well and a speedy recovery…! As such I shall endeavour to  give you some details myself.

My name is Simon Rudd, I’m a full time artist and work from my studio in Portsmouth, England. The mediums I like to work with most are Watercolours and Acrylics.  Normally I paint onto paper, but sometimes I use canvas. I sell my work from this site, but also from EtsyEbay (Auctions & buy it now), Ebay (Buy it now only) and RedBubble – both have bargain prices from time to time


Q. So your name is simon, are you  the same simon who once sold Big Ben and tried to take over France?

A. No that was the other Simon

Q. Okay, seriously why do you sell your paintings so cheaply?

A. Well the long answer is a tale of triumph and tribulations, short answer – I paint most days, often these are commissions (which are charged at a higher rate) but some are for practice or experiment.  I prefer my work to be on a wall somewhere rather than shoved in a folder never to be seen by the light of day. So i really only charge for the material and postage.  I’m sure i should be charging more, just think of me standing in the centre of town shouting nonsense while wearing  a sandwich board on saying  “Paintings at Crazy prices – all stock must go!!! CRAZZZZZZY prices!!”