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Hello.  My name is Simon, I started painting about 20 years ago using acrylic and watercolour paints. What started as a hobby and something I used to do when insomnia stuck has evolved into my everyday life.

I was diagnosed with Diabetes around 10 years ago and sadly the disease has taken its tole on my life.  My diabetes made me loose feeling in my lower legs and feet (Peripheral Neuropathy) and i developed a condition called Charcoat joint in both of my feet, this resulted in me breaking my right ankle. This took about a year to calm down but left me in agony, i find it very difficult to get around.  i regularly use a manual wheelchair but could do with an electric one.

I regularly sell my paintings on sites such as Ebay an Etsy but i decided to sell prints of my work on my site, i can offer them cheaper as i don’t pay ebay fees (although paypal still take their cut) Most of my prints are 5″ x 7″ full page prints (no border) but i intend to sell larger prints 8″ x 6″, A4 and A3 soon.

All prints are free postage and packaging within the UK, the rest of the world is only £3.  If you wish to buy from outside the UK please contact me.

Please feel free to have a look around my site and please consider buying a print or two.




Excellent service. Many thanks!!

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P. Nicola

amazing, absolutely beautiful, can’t stop looking at them. Thank you so much

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I. Croston

Great quality and fast delivery

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C. McClenaghan

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